Bonus Episode: Researcher Ken Balcomb Talks Orca

For those who can't get enough of "podfather" Ken Balcomb – and those new to his lifetime of dedication to the Southern Resident Orca (SRO) – here's the additional interview we promised.

Listen to Ken describe the staggering natural beauty that drew him to North America's Pacific Northwest, his first orca sighting 45 years ago, and what it's been like to encounter and document these amazing yet highly threatened sentient beings.

Ken also shares his thoughts on the continuing threats to the SROs existence and why removing dams and restoring river ecosystems are essential to their future, as well as our own.

To learn more, listen to our prior podcast, "Podfather: One Man's Journey to Save the Southern Resident Orca" and visit Ken's organization, the Center for Whale Research.

Call to Action: Support the growing movement to breach the four Lower Snake River dams, save the salmon and feed the orca on the Dam Sense and American Rivers websites.

Intro music: "The Spaces Between" by Scott Buckley.

Interstitial music: "Red Giant" by Stellardrone.

Photo: Susan Woodward.

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